Software Development

We create seamless, functional and secure web & mobile
applications that bring a real change to users’ lives.
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Our team takes care of both back-end and front-end, stacking up in most effective and innovative tools and technologies, that we use for one purpose: to meet real-life users’ needs.

Untitled Kingdom gathers savvy explorers, who love jumping into technological challenges and continously pursue for bringing real improvement.

With our engineering and business expertise, we can help you build your app from scratch and simplify your work. We can also take care of the existing applications, improving their maintenance and security, developing additional features etc.

Web Development


Javascript / React.js / Redux / MobX / SASS


Node.js / Express.js / Ruby / Rails / Sinatra

Mobile Development


Objective-C / Swift


Java / Kotlin

React Native


Threat modelling
Software analysis
Code review
Software testing
Defensive coding

We build world-class products, with our minds open to new technologies solving real-life challenges

Building scalable IoT products

Developing IoT (eg. Beacon, AR/VR, you name it) and optimising connected devices for UX and scalability is our bread and butter. In last 10 years we have worked with commercial and industrial IoT products across communication protocols, sensors, encryption, wireless antennas, etc. for platform-based and custom-built solutions.

Refining Products with Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

Business and consumer solutions are increasingly using AI to improve product-value and business results. We can help address your challenges and capitalise opportunities using a variety of AI technologies (Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc).