Optimisation & Growth

We optimise apps to meet user’s expectations from day
one and grow businesses all the way further.
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Our cross-functional team helps you bring new products to market, find traction and build sustainable, long-term growth.

Shaping Growth Strategy

Untitled Kingdom shapes your long and short-term growth strategy and build the fundamentals that align with your business goals. We help you create consistent plan for your marketing & communication, that - combined with great software- lets us create apps desired by users

  • Analytics
  • Building communication with a user
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • User activation
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • User retention

App Store Optimisation

Our experts optimise applications basing not only on App Store keywords, descriptions or review, but caring about all in-app factors influencing App Store performance.

Why is it so important?

In fact, 80% of applications fall flat just after their launch, because they lack optimisation from day one of their development. We don’t let your app share this fate.