Looking for a CTO?
You’ve found one

It’s hard to find an experienced CTO
for your start-up or an established company.

Not having a technical co-founder on board
could be difficult, so we have a solution.

What is CTO as a Service (CTOaaS)
for startups and companies

The most crucial moment when Chief Technology Officer is needed is the beginning of a startup or moment of scaling the business. However, often it’s difficult to find a proper CTO when you need him the most.

That’s why our CTO, Bart Hugo Trzciński wants to help you with, e.g. business and technological risk assessment, development methodology, architecture, cost control, Agile/Lean processes, digital transformation.

We have 10 years of experience, and we built 65+ web and mobile apps, so we are aware of various problems that appear on different stages of business.

CTOaaS for startups

Launching a new startup? Do you know that not the right team is one of the top 3 reasons why startups fail? You don’t know how the development process works or you don’t have technical skills?

Knowledge of how to manage people and organize their work is the most needed at the beginning of a new company.

What can we do for startups?

CTOaaS for established companies

Is your company growing fast? Are you overwhelmed by responsibilities? If you are also missing a technical co-founder, probably you need support in technological matters.

Take your business to the next level, hire and manage well competent people and improve processes.

What can we do for enterprises?

Meet your CTO - Bart Hugo Trzcinski

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Bart Hugo Trzciński is CTO @ Untitled Kingdom, particularly interested in new technologies and creating software for IoT products. iOS engineer with 10 years of experience.

In his work, he believes that quality of the code, business development, and a common sense are keys to success.

From his early years, he wanted to strive for perfection his development skills. He graduated from the best technical school in Krakow, Poland. During studies, he was a president of a scientific circle focused on iOS and Mac at AGH University of Science and Technology. Bart ran a series of programming workshops at the university. He also managed, organized and conducted lectures at the Kraków iOS development group CocoaHeadsKrk.

Ten years ago Bart began his adventure at Untitled Kingdom from being an iOS developer. Now he’s responsible not only for iOS, Android and Web teams but also a business side of the company. He gives talks at conferences, leads webinars and workshops. He also helps with business relationships, sales, project managing and software engineering.

Bart was a multiple participant of the Apple WWDC in the United States and speaker at lots of conferences. To name a few: