A cloud-based ticketing platform for venues and event organisers in the entertainment, transport, travel and tourism industries.
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London, UK

The Opportunity

TicketingHub’s team knew how cumbersome it was for organisers to manage ticketing operations from selling, distribution, to validation and payments processing, as legacy hardware systems from a different manufacturers were utilised throughout the supply-chain. That made information sharing and logistics very tricky, especially since hardware suppliers had poorly-written APIs.

In early 2014, we helped TicketingHub solve these pains, improve efficiency and enable organisers to sell more tickets.

iOS Developers
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The Solution

We helped TicketingHub build a platform for event organisers to easily manage distribution, sales and validation of tickets on multiple channels. Our team:

Refined the initial TicketingHub MVP for code quality, usability and user experience.
Built the network of hardware connectors (scanners, ticket printers, Point-of-Sale systems) from different manufacturers.
Did a major overhaul of the existing codebase and custom-built a standalone connection framework for TicketingHub.
Advised the device manufacturers on how to improve their APIs.
Built the dedicated app for iOS optimised for iPads.
Delivered a market-ready app within 8 months.
Created the necessary set of features and integrations to enable user permissions, ticket selling, booking management and entry management