From concept to market – World's first
automated transcription & content analysis
platform powered by Machine Learning.
Web App
London UK

The Opportunity

In 2014 Alex approached us with the idea to build a platform which could instantly transcribe speech-based content into text, is able to analyse density and frequency of keywords, with an added layer of contextual search.

With this idea, Alex wanted to change the way information was transcribed, analysed and shared by journalists, market researchers, doctors, and those with hearing impairment.

Project Manager
Ruby on Rails Developers
Stand-up Calls

The Solution

Armed with two full-time RoR developers and a project manager from Untitled Kingdom, Alex was able to bring Fraim to life, build and improve it based on customer feedback, and take it to market.

Built and optimised the speech-to-text algorithms based on ML for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic.
Created the Fraim media player that allows users to interact and search through transcribed audio/video content via search or highlighted text.
Developed custom features for enterprise customers based on individual requirements.
Maintained a fluid development roadmap based on changing market dynamics and business strategy.