Let the app help you care for your loved ones

So, it’s Valentine's Day. You’d promise all the couples of the world decided to rush out of their homes, show their presence in public and book the table, that you just meant to take for you and your significant other. It’s the gold mine for shopping centers (19.7 billion dollars spent by Americans during the Valentine’s Day last year, not including the purchases done before the day), jewellery shops (4,5 billion dollars, Feb 14th, 2016), restaurants (4,4 billion dollars) … the list is way longer. It’s also the day of love declarations, marriage proposals (around 6 millions of them in the US!), kisses, flowers, heart-shaped balloons, cakes, pillows, cups, candies… all of them given to show how much we care for each other.

Of course, there are some, who love this rush and treat it as a part of Valentine’s Day folklore. But at the same time, there’s also a vast group of those, who feel reluctant to spending 100$ on useless-but-heart-shaped whatever with pink glitter and tacky “Just for you” dedication (yeah, you guessed it right - it’s me included).

So today, I wanted to give you some examples of tech solutions helping you to care for your loved ones even better, not only on the Valentine’s Day. Let’s make your gift really impactful (no glitter involved, promise).

Care for your partner

bSafe - a personal safety app

Raise your hand, if you’ve never felt in danger while coming back home from the party or just walking down the street. I guess that’s not many hands up now… If the safety of your closest ones concerns you, give a try to bSafe app. It’s a free safety solution available both for iOS and Android.

"This is not just an emergency app, it contains features to ensure the users everyday safety" - writes Techcrunch.

What features do they mean?

The app lets you share your location with chosen friends, ask them to “walk you home” after the party with Follow Me’s life GPS trace or use Fake Call to make your phone ring when you want to (you can even define who the call is from!).

Except all this, bSmart lets you program an automatic alarm that, if not cancelled previously, triggers after the set time. The app includes I’m Here option to inform the chosen group of people about your current location, and the Guardian Alert button which immediately notifies them about your location and sets off a siren (optional) in case of emergency.

Navdy is an example of IoT designed to care your the safety of your beloved. As you could read in our latest article (Does IoT bring revolution to healthcare?)

” According to estimates, 25% of car accidents are caused by smartphone-related distractions. So, instead of letting cellphones continue to impair drivers, Navdy proposes a new way to improve car safety. It projects GPS, phone calls, messages, playlists, etc. onto a high-quality, transparent display in front the driver’s face.”

Sounds much more useful than “I love you” teddy bear, doesn’t it?

And what if the accident already happens?
Well, in this case, it’s wise to have …

… SOSmart app - the automatic car crash detection app.

Statistically, 1 in 10 car crash deaths could be avoided, if the accident was called in on time. That gives 140 thousand saved people per year. The mechanism of the app is quite similar to the one of bSafe - in case of an accident the app notifies your friends and family and gives them the detailed information about your localisation to let them call for an ambulance. But in case of SOSmart, the notification is sent automatically when it detects the crash.
Isn’t it the essence of caring?

Elvie - IoT exercise tracker for pelvic floor muscles

In the list of solutions that help you care for people you love, it’s hard to miss Elvie, which we proudly develop. It’s a personal trainer for women’s Kegels, which enables them to track their progress in the app. Elvie workouts improve the condition of women’s pelvic floor muscles, develop their core endurance (e.g. after childbirth) and enrich their sex sensations. Given all this, Elvie is a subtle yet extremely effective way of empowering women that you love the most.


Show your feelings to your relatives advanced in years

Lately, I’ve written about IoT solutions facilitating seniors. In this category, you can find medical dispensing services, connected burglary detectors, pill-taking time reminders, glucometers, blood pressure monitors and much more.

But except IoT, there are also some apps designed with a view to seniors' comfort.

Park And Forget

The app is a great lifehack for seniors, who have trouble remembering their daily activities. It helps them save the location of their cars after parking and enables them to identify their parking place when they search for it.

I guess the problem of “Dude, where’s my car?” is not just a comedy theme but also a common concern of our elderly relatives. So, when memory issues impair also your loved ones, Park And Forget is a way to spare them the unnecessary stress.


Although Lumosity is basically targeted for a wider group, not exclusively the seniors, it contains a number of logic puzzles and memory games that help your loved ones keep their minds sharp and stay mentally active. Designed by neuroscientists, Lumosity benefits memory recall and information retention. Sounds like a great way to help your relatives keep better mental condition and have fun at the same time.

Give care to your children


Today, caring for children’s safety include not only localisation trackers and monitoring their time out, but it also concerns Internet safety. MamaBear app lets you get all of these in one place.

The app lets your child notify you, while in danger, but it’s also giving you the insight into your child’s on-line activity. This includes social media presence, tags, and followers. MamaBear goes even further, letting you set you the arrival and departure notification for Safe Places (school, home, etc.) and giving you notice when your child exceeds the customised driving speed.

Obviously, combining all the features and using them simultaneously may seem like a sort of exaggeration/slight madness. But if only you and your children can tell the difference between constant spying (easily associated with the lack of trust) and sharing the info (as the matter of care and supportive awareness, taking place just in particular situations after mutual agreement), the app may be a way to empower your kids and give them additional dose of self-confidence.

Facets Kids

Sometimes the everyday rush keeps us away from what’s really important to us. This is why, more and more often, we find our children stick to the TV screen, watching it without our permission and supervision. Instead of trusting the mass media, which is usually not really aware of the content relevance, let me recommend Facets Kids.

Facets Kids is a closed streaming portal that delivers age-appropriate engaging content to your children. It empowers kids to actively experience, explore and respond to independent films, different from the massive culture movies displayed in the cinemas every now and then. It’s developed by educators to instill critical thinking and foster social-emotional learning in your kids.

Love lasts, and it’s impossible to express it just on the Valentine’s Day. But today, we turn our eyes on what we tend to miss in the everyday hurry - the needs of our loved ones, that can be easily met, if they are just noticed.

We all wish you to spend this day close to your family and friends, cherishing your moments together. Make your gifts meaningful and impactful - whether it’s an app, a sentimental photo or a loving sparkle in the eye.

Much love from Untitled Kingdom!