Enabling makers of (useful) Internet of Things build high impact solutions.

Connected devices make life easier. Making them delightful for the users can be hard and needs a cross-functional team. That's where we come in.

Where Unique Challenges Meet Mastery Across Disciplines

Optimising connected devices and their digital experience poses unique challenges to engineers, programmers and designers alike.

IoT is Untitled Kingdom's main focus. In last ten years we have worked with commercial and industrial IoT products across components like communication protocols, sensors, encryption, wireless antennas, etc. for platform-based and custom-built solutions.

Your IoT Product & Business Supported Throughout Its Lifecycle

IoT Consulting

From database and bluetooth performance and connectivity optimisation, to creating and optimising interaction points. You have our support.

We can help you solve technical challenges in a way that meets business goals.

Business Process Automation

Sometimes external perspectives can identify key business opportunities.

We aim for true digital transformation that adds to your bottom-line and makes a tangible impact on performance.

Interface Design

Bridging the gap between physical interaction and consuming information digitally is the most challenging aspect of connected devices.

The bigger questions are how to ensure adoption and happiness in usage? We can dive deep, focus and build a delightful digital experience for your users.


Go-To Market Strategy

Building your solution is just the beginning. Real hustle starts when we connect with your target market, build your brand and focus on revenue generating activities.

We can help you build a solid marketing strategy and execute on tactical initiatives for increase product trials, adoption, growth and retention.

Let’s build your digital product together

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